Mostly working beta release of Tesla’s ‘complete self-driving’ software gets a limited release

Software upgrade claims to enable ‘full self-driving’ capability

This week in future tech, a limited number of Tesla consumers have actually gained access to a software upgrade that claims to enable ‘full self-driving’ capability.

A choice group of consumers signed up to Tesla’s early gain access to the program is among the first to try out the electric car manufacturer’s major software application update. Founder and CEO Elon Musk posted a quick tweet earlier this week (20 October) to state the software application upgrade will be a beta version of its ‘complete self-driving’ system.

This would include substantial autonomy to a vehicle, permitting drivers to utilize many Autopilot advanced driver-assisted features on city streets. In a call with investors after the business’s Q3 revenues report, Musk said that he wants to have a wide release of this tech by the end of this year. Nevertheless, he stressed that the software application upgrade will be rolled out with great care.

“I think we’re starting very slow and very cautiously because the world is a complex and messy place,” he said. “The system is designed such that even if you have no connectivity whatsoever and you’re in a place that you have never been to before and no Tesla has ever been there, the car should still be able to drive, just like a person. That is the system that we are developing and aiming to release this year.”

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